Magpie Property Management Software

Magpie Advantages

  • QuickBooks Integration

    Real-Time QuickBooks Integration. Magpie Property Management Suite is designed to seamlessly integrate with QuickBooks Online, real-time integration.
  • Internet Based

    Magpie Property Management Suite is an internet application that is integrated seamlessly with QuickBooks Online.
  • Easy To Use

    QuickBooks Property Management Software With Magpie Property Management Suite even the least computer savvy member of your staff will master the software in no time.
  • Low Cost

    Use of Magpie Property Management Suite requires a one-time set up fee starting at only $395, and monthly payments based on reservation income.
  • Cross Platform

    Magpie Works with any computer Magpie Property Management Suite works with a PC or Mac. All you need is internet access.
Resort Hotel Property Management Software
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QuickBooks Integrated Property Management Software

Magpie Property Management Suite™ -- A cost effective, internet-based property management software for the hospitality industry, customized for hotels, motels, condo-hotels, timeshares, inns and vacation home rentals. Our software is your one solution to property management, reservations and accounting.

Magpie Property Management Suite™ is the only online property management software that is fully and seamlessly integrated with QuickBooks Online, a full-featured industry standard accounting system with payroll.

Our property management software features include:

  • Central Reservations System (CRS)-- Our software is integrated with the revenue-generating capabilities of the Global Distribution System (GDS), allowing your resort to be visible on popular websites such as Travelocity, Orbitz, and Priceline.
  • Website Booking Engine -- Magpie Property Management Suite ties directly into your website, eliminating the possibility of double-bookings.
  • Housekeeping, Maintenance and Security -- Run your entire business with Magpie Property Management Suite.

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