Magpie Property Management Software

Magpie Advantages

  • QuickBooks Integration

    Real-Time QuickBooks Integration. Magpie Property Management Suite is designed to seamlessly integrate with QuickBooks Online, real-time integration.
  • Internet Based

    Magpie Property Management Suite is an internet application that is integrated seamlessly with QuickBooks Online.
  • Easy To Use

    QuickBooks Property Management Software With Magpie Property Management Suite even the least computer savvy member of your staff will master the software in no time.
  • Low Cost

    Use of Magpie Property Management Suite requires a one-time set up fee starting at only $395, and monthly payments based on reservation income.
  • Cross Platform

    Magpie Works with any computer Magpie Property Management Suite works with a PC or Mac. All you need is internet access.
Frequently Asked Questions
PMS FAQs|Property Management Software| QuickBooks Online | Hospitality | Rental Property | Property Management System Questions about Magpie Property Management Suite

QWhat is Magpie Property Management Suite?
AMagpie Property Management Suite is an online software application for use by hotels, resorts, inns, B&B’s, condominiums, condo-hotels, motels, and other rental properties. It is fully integrated with QuickBooks Online, making it a valuable time saving tool for managing your property.

QAre there other benefits?
AAbsolutely! Magpie Property Management Suite integrates with your website allowing your guests to view availability and book their own online reservations. Guest Credit Card payments can be processed automatically using PayPal™,™ and QuickBooks Merchant Services.

QWhat else can be integrated with the Magpie Property Management Suite?
AGuest phone charges can be automatically posted to their folios when integrated with Atlas Phone Systems. This also provides a convenient system for housekeeping and maintenance to update the property management software on a unit’s status. The software can also integrate with Safelok’s Series 6000 RFID locking system.

QIs Magpie Property Management Suite available in a desktop version?
ACurrently no.

QDoes Magpie Property Management Suite require QuickBooks Online?

QCan I use my existing QuickBooks Desktop Software?
AA new QuickBooks Online account is required to use Magpie Property Management Suite. Your existing QuickBooks data file can be imported.

QWhat does it cost to run Magpie Property Management Suite?
AThere is a one-time set-up fee, and then we charge monthly on a sliding scale based on the total guest income. Please see our "Low Cost" page on this website, or call us for specific pricing information (877-466-8877).

QWill I be billed for cancelled reservations?
AMagpie Property Management Suite uses only completed reservations to calculate total revenues. Taxes and other folio items are not included in this calculation .

QHow much time is required to set up the application and train my staff in its use?
ASet up can be accomplished over a few days; additional time might be required if you are migrating existing data into the new system. The software is extremely easy to use and requires little training. Customer support is available and a comprehensive online help manual is included with the software.

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