Magpie Property Management Software

Magpie Advantages

  • QuickBooks Integration

    Real-Time QuickBooks Integration. Magpie Property Management Suite is designed to seamlessly integrate with QuickBooks Online, real-time integration.
  • Internet Based

    Magpie Property Management Suite is an internet application that is integrated seamlessly with QuickBooks Online.
  • Easy To Use

    QuickBooks Property Management Software With Magpie Property Management Suite even the least computer savvy member of your staff will master the software in no time.
  • Low Cost

    Use of Magpie Property Management Suite requires a one-time set up fee starting at only $395, and monthly payments based on reservation income.
  • Cross Platform

    Magpie Works with any computer Magpie Property Management Suite works with a PC or Mac. All you need is internet access.
Home Advantages Low Cost
Low Cost

Magpie Property Management Suite software is inexpensive to set up and use.

We believe in keeping it simple:

There is a one-time set up fee (fees start as low as $395) that is based on type of property.

In addition, there is a monthly charge based on usage. Please contact us for pricing for your specific property.

There are no minimum charges (this is especially important if your property is seasonal).

There are no modules to purchase, no upgrade charges and no surprises*!

*Please note that you will have to pay for your QuickBooks Online account. Those charges are billed directly to you from Intuit (QuickBooks).

Magpie Property Management Suite™ Your one solution to property management, reservations and accounting. Property management software, integrated with QuickBooks Online, for hotels, motels, inns, resorts, spas, condominiums, condo-hotels and other rental properties.

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